What’s the real purpose of philosophy?

You see philosophy is wisdom, being wise is being philosophical.

The real purpose of philosophy is to create algorithms by which people can live.

If there’s a problem in the lifestyle of the person. A person is stuck with some sort of problem. Then philosophy comes in hand.

But creating philosophical algorithms is really hard because this world has no rules, it has laws, but has no rules – eat, shit, sleep, repeat.

Philosophy, in theory should help solve problems. But there’s no such thing as philosophical progress. Every new kid starts over – from scratch. And the more philosophy – the harder it is to get that algorithm which you need. Most philosophy is simply non applicable garbage. Philosophy is simply word play. Because philosophy explains problems which are simply irrelevant.

Do all lifeforms experience consciousness? Who cares man. This is bullshit. Better tell me how to make money blogging, so I would be rich and could afford some coca-cola.

It takes one million philosophers to change the light bulb. Philosophy solves nothing. Jacque Fresco hated philosophers. Philosophers think about a problem but yet they don’t provide any solutions. Ask a philosopher, how to make a music hit and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t know. I was interested in philosophy but as I said it’s not a marketable skill. Most real world problems are solved by engineers rather than philosophers.

If you love thinking then provide a solution. Philosophy is garbage. I know this because I’m a philosopher. Can’t get my shit together.