What’s the point of social media?

There was a time social media didn’t exist.

There was a time when the web didn’t exist.

There was a time computers didn’t exist.

Social media actually makes us anti-social. Because literally you sit indoors and chat – therefore you are alone in the room.

Did you notice that many people have more friends online than in real life?

The problem is with social media that it’s a fake connection. Sure it’s creat to connect with people you actually know.

For me it’s great to connect with friend that was working in Sweden. It was great.

Now I have more friends on Facebook whom I don’t know personally.

If people want to be friends with you – you then need to meet them in real life.

Social media isn’t expanding your social circle. If you were alone, then you are alone.

Social media gives us the connection. But it’s fake.

Nobody on social media cares about you. Period.

Do you personally care about the number of likes and shares your posts are getting, that sure is a great boost of dopamine.

You feel needed. As if people really need you but I guarantee if you would quit social media – nobody would miss you.

People just don’t care about others – everybody is caring about themselves. There is no time to think about you.

It sure is great to keep in touch with people you actually know, but you want real friends and not fake ones.

Social media will keep you distracted from your real occupation. Because social websites like facebook want you to be on facebook as long as you can. Facebook is a time waster.

And facebook will never pay you for your work. For your posts – for the likes you get. Actually everybody is working on Facebook, they’re liking, they’re sharing, they’re posting. That’s voluntary work – without the user there wouldn’t be anything good on facebook.

Facebook is like blogging – with integrated audience.

That said – facebook wants you to connect with people. But ask yourself – do you need that connection? Because the connection is fake.

Instead of using facebook and getting couple of likes – start a blog and then look at your analytics and you’ll see how many people care about you. And I’ll tell you – not much.

Social media is evil.