What you need to know about goal setting?

There’s nothing worse in life than drifting without a goal.

Everybody needs a goal away from video games. You sure don’t want to live in a virtual world because in virtual worlds you get virtual results…

That said, the question remains – how do I set a goal?

When setting a goal, you don’t want to include other people in your goal. For example: getting a girlfriend or finding a wife – that’s not a real goal. Since external people don’t necessarily want your goal.

Money either isn’t a goal. Money is a target, not a goal. Because there are many ways to earn money.

So what goal should you set?

I’m not telling about your goals.

First step is to get a blog and to get out there.

Either way you want to be in the market. Everybody’s in the market. Sell or be sold, like Grant Cardone says.

Your goal should fully depend on you! To achieve a goal – you have to develop yourself. If you’ll wander without a goal, your next day will be the same as today.

You can learn to play a musical instrument. You can go to the gym – you can do whatever you want, as long as you earn some monetary rewards.

But as I said, money isn’t a goal. Money is a target.

Money won’t make you sad and you gotta know that money is damn important.

There are many goals you can achieve, you just have to think things straight. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Sure being a president is rare, but there are many goals away from being a president.

Any goal is better than no goal.

Just pick a goal that is long term and break that goal into subgoals so that you could track your progress!

I love writing that’s why I started this blog. Now I blog everyday. Now the mission is to make this blog semi-popular.

You can do what I do if you want.

Like Seth Godin says – everybody should blog. And he’s telling the truth – you gotta add something to the discussion, even if it’s just 2 cents.

Having a goal will improve your life because you will have a destination. Each day you will move forward.

Because, what’s to do when you don’t have a goal? Video games? That’s nonsense, video games give temporary unreal results when you’re not a pro. If you’re into video games at least be a professional gamer. Because otherwise you’re just wasting your life.

I don’t play video games, because video games are waste of time.

I have nothing against video games. But video games aren’t for me.

You set a goal and move every day towards it. And when you achieve a goal, you then come up with another – so that you would have things to do. If it’s a monetary target – you then increase the target.

You want to push yourself bit by bit. There are many goals you can achieve, it’s just a matter of your perspective.

If you don’t have ambitions and goals, then you wait until a goals arise. You have time to figure things out, don’t rush yourself and don’t pick a goal everyone else is picking. You want your unique goals.

Maybe your goal is to be lazy and unproductive, but if you’ll choose this road – don’t whine about it.