What will happen if you’ll drift through life.

Only one word: regret.

Drifting through life means living without ambitions and goals, without aim.

I used to drift through life. Over period of 10 years nothing changed. I was fed up with it. Even when I wanted to be a blogger. I hesitated starting my own blog. I felt good for nothing.

Today I’m doing better – today I have a goal and an aim. I have ambitions, I no longer drift through life.

Everything changed when I started my own youtube channel on accident. I made a joke and went viral, then of course everyone forgot about me.

I even earned some cash during that period. People want to give me money when I’m doing good.

If you want to look at the end of your life after you’ve drifted. Just look at today. Because when drifting – nothing will change. Since you force no action.

People play video games and then realize they wasted all their life in a video game. What a shame.

Sure, if you don’t want to work for yourself – don’t expect much. You can go work for Mcdonald’s. You’ll sure earn more than I do. But you will have a chore. Personally me – I love what I’m doing. Even without monetary rewards I’m feeling great. Because I’m living my dream – money should come later in life. Maybe money will come, maybe not – who cares.

I’m living on a disability paycheck – what can a disabled man expect from the society? Nothing, that’s right.

At least I won’t regret trying to pursue my goal. I hesitated to start my own blog for 10 years, maybe less, maybe more. But when I finally started. I no longer regret. I have my own place on the web. People can find me – that’s great.

Earning money is hard and there are no easy ways to earn it. People who say money making is easy are full of shit. Working is a hard and a dull game. Better to write a blog and expect some income.

Drifting through life will lead to a life of regret. You’ll regret that you never chased something. Working for somebody is easy. How about working for yourself? 🙂 That’s a challenge.