What is social conditioning?

Social conditioning is what shapes us during our lives. We are socially conditioned right from the beginning of our lives.

Social conditioning tells us what to wear, what to think and how to respond to social circumstances so that the society would accept us.

By the way: gay people are socially conditioned to be gay. Nobody makes a choice to like or dislike the opposite sex.

The way we live is the result of social conditioning.

Social conditioning happens when from birth we are with parents and their behavior conditions us. We are conditioned daily by the media and the press.

If a person is lazy and he doesn’t work – he is socially conditioned to live that way.

Due to poor parenting people can spoil us and make us weak or strong it depends on the conditioning.

All our responses to social environment are conditioned during our lives.

Social conditioning is to be approved by the society. Social conditioning includes norms and ideologies, dogmas.

Conditioning simply means conditions we are living in.

A person who doesn’t follow the norms of the society will be hated, bullied and etc.

All society wants to see the same people everywhere, and everyone hates a different person.

People are thought to not think clearly. People love sports, sex, drinking, shopping and things that are not supported by common sense.