What does unconditional love mean?

Everybody loves us based on conditions, everybody loves us for a reason.

Unconditional love is rare. You can’t love somebody unconditionally.

Therefore, people are strange creatures. Sure you can love your mom and dad unconditionally.

But can you love a stranger unconditionally? People who love the planet, love god – they tell that they feel conditional love towards every single creation.

Sure loving creation is good, but can you love a woman – unconditionally?

Most women don’t love men. That’s why most men sit without women.

Unconditional love means loving someone without any conditions.

It’s rare to love someone. Love is really rare. But loving someone unconditionally – that’s extremely rare.

I love my dog unconditionally.

I never loved a woman unconditionally. I don’t know why!

Women are smart creatures, they know how to get a man.

Being a woman is easier than being a man.

Men can’t earn with their dicks. While woman earn with their pussy! 🙂

Anyway. There are many conditions.

Sometimes I think that unconditional love towards people is a myth. I never saw a person who actually loves people. Most people tell that most people are stupid. Well, maybe, I don’t know. You can’t underestimate the stupidity of the public.

Today’s a nice day. Haven’t drank for two days. I struggle with drinking. But what can you do about that.

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