What actually happens during psychosis.

Psychosis is a disease of the brain. There’s something wrong in the neurons. I had 4 psychosis during my life.

When during psychosis. The consciousness shifts to an altered state. The brain starts to interpret the stimulus wrongly.

The psychosis doesn’t go away – you can’t snap out of it.

Altered state of consciousness isn’t anything super natural.

When the state of consciousness shifts it can look like you’re going out of the matrix. At least in western countries. In other countries it’s different. It depends on what you consume.

Everything you see during psychosis isn’t true and it can cause derealization. Derealization is when you think nothing is real but please pinch yourself – does your pain seem unreal?

Hallucinations are never true. Psychosis can be a part of schizophrenia. Since I’m sick with paranoid schizophrenia – I know this.

During my first psychosis it felt like I was in the god mode – but that wasn’t true. Otherwise I wouldn’t end up in the mental hospital.

Psychosis is a disease like any other disease and it’s serious.

Altered states of consciousness never show you the real reality. For example when you take LSD – you actually fry your brain and it causes an effect where you see something else. I personally didn’t take LSD. I saw hallucinations due to my disease.

When you’re sick with schizophrenia, during the episode you start to sleep while you’re awake. And that’s strange. A dream collides with this reality and you see a mixed reality which isn’t true. Since dreams are from within and the reality is from outside.

During psychosis I always feel great. I feel connected to the matrix. Now when I’m on drugs I kinda feel disconnected from the matrix. During my second psychosis it felt like I was exiting the matrix but that wasn’t true.

The matrix itself is a cultural phenomenon. This reality is real, it can seem like an illusion, but when I pinch myself – it sure seems real. We are real. We can’t say that this reality is fake and only after death we will travel to real life. But who knows?

Existence is real. Nonexistence isn’t an experience. You can’t feel anything when you don’t exist.

Everything you experience is real. At least it appears to be real.

Hallucinations are real, but they aren’t true.

It’s up to you to say that this reality is true or fake, but that won’t change the nature of reality, since reality doesn’t care what you think. Your thinking doesn’t change anything.

Psychosis can cause delusions and hallucinations of various types. Sure we aren’t living in solipsism since reality is objective but perception is subjective. The reality is outside. If there wasn’t anything outside you wouldn’t need external senses. Therefore something must exist outside of oneself.

Our thoughts doesn’t shift or change reality, but reality changes our thoughts. Reality works on autopilot. Life is a process and it just happens. The universe gives zero fuck about you.