We were at my grandmother’s place.

I and Bena, the dog, were at my grandmother’s flat.

Bena ate sour cream and I ate potato pancakes.

Today I pulled the dog just a bit. Bena was nice with the leash.

Today’s a hot day in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Now I sit all in sweat and drink cold water while writing this post.

When I used antidepressants I couldn’t piss normally Escitalopram Actavis 10mg is a bad antidepressant.

I talked with one of my friends and he told me that he tried 10 types of antidepressants and none did help. He is convinced that antidepressants don’t boost the mood. I can confirm Escitalopram didn’t do anything good to me. Just blocked my penis from pissing.

Anyway. I’m off antidepressants. Now I have Bena, I’m a father to her, or a mother 😀 She’s kinda an awesome dog. Today we had a superb day. Although my leash isn’t mechanical. I probably will call my mom so she would get me a mechanical leash. Because this one is kinda pissing me off.