Vodka with lemon.

Vodka with lemon

Yesterday we found vodka with lemon, named ‘Bajorų’ it’s a tasty drink.

Sucks that it was just 0.2 litre. I would want more of it because it’s so tasty.

Probably tomorrow I’ll gonna buy 0.5 litre.

Sure I don’t advice drinking to anyone, but drinking is like religion. Show me a person who doesn’t like to get wasted. There are none of these people.

Vodka with lemon – so tasty, but it has that vodka taste at the end of gulp. Yesterday and today I puked so badly, wasn’t in the mood to write, but now I’m okay.

The problem with alcohol is that the next day you’ll going to be sick. I drink half of my life and haven’t got used to the sickness.

When next day comes you swear you won’t drink again, but as time passes you then drink again. Quitting drinking is hard. 🙂