Too much hassle.

Tried to create an article about myself on Wikipedia.

Man that shit is so hard, I barely created an article. I got pissed and closed the window.

I rather create articles on my own website than create articles for wikipedia. Wikipedia is strict.

My friend tried to create an article about me and it got deleted. I tried myself – barely could publish the piece.

And there were just 8 words.

Vygintas Varnas – a humorist, a blogger and philosopher.

Tried to upload a photo of myself, there was an error which states that I can’t. WIKIPEDIA FUCK YOU AND YOUR LAME WEBSITE. Wikipedia is great to read but not to write.

Everybody’s restricting everything.

A man can’t create a wiki page about himself. I tried to request an article but nothing happened. 🙂 Nobody wants to write about me. Fuck Wiki.