Time and money.

Why is that some people are rich and some are poor, when all people have almost the same amount of time?

Time isn’t equal to money and money isn’t equal to time.

Rich people work with printable systems while poor people sell their time. You have so little time.

Why then sell your time?

If you want to work then try owning the thing you work on.

You want to spend your time by creating something, work on your goal daily.

It’s easy to sell your time if you have some marketable skills. It really is – anybody who wants to work, can work.

But what if you don’t work – what’cha do then?

When you don’t want to work. You have to find a thing which you’re passionate about. Pursuing passions can cost you money.

The easier the thing – the harder it is to earn.

The harder thing – then there’s an high entry level and it’s much easier. But learning something hard takes time.

In my personal opinion. It’s not worth spending your time developing a specific skill. Because learning takes a lot of time.

It’s not worth because the market always changes. A person has to adapt to the market and it takes time. You can’t just snap your fingers and expect to adapt to the market.

This is a big question – what to do in life? It’s really a difficult question and it has no firm answer. Probably you can do whatever you want as long as it pays money.

Time isn’t money but you’d better acquire time.