Think about your future.

Today I was with my friend, we drank some energetical drink (one litre).

We talked with him about the future and he told me that he doesn’t think about the future and I asked him: why don’t you think about the future?

He told:

I don’t think about the future because now I’m living okay, I play video games with cheats and I live in a virtual world. Virtual worlds satisfy me. When the future comes, I’ll probably will be a bum…

This shocked me.

I sincerely wish him the best and that’s why I write this post.

You gotta think about your future to be prepared. What if your mom dies? What if you lose your disability paycheck/employment? What if you’ll get kicked out?

These are serious questions.

Future loves prepared people. People who think about the future often think about things more clearly. What if you won’t die first? What if you’ll be alone (without a family and disabled)?

Life gets more difficult when you get older. You start to get sick with various diseases. It becomes harder to work. It becomes harder to think. It becomes harder to wake up each day.

You got to think about that.

You need to have a plan, either with ambition and great goals or without ambition and with small goals. You need to know where are you going.

Because if you won’t know.

You’ll end up somewhere you would wish you have not.

Many people don’t think about the future. Many people are living by this day. Many people don’t have any money saved up if something bad happens and that’s a shame.

Be a pessimist. Think that life will be hard. You need to have a plan.

Sure I won’t sell you one. You got to think about things on your own.

Ask yourself, but what if…?

What will you do if bad things happen?

Are you prepared?

Success loves preparation.

Start saving money, at least 100$ per month. You don’t have to invest that money. Open up another bank account and drop that money in.

You’ll notice that you are getting wealthier. Not the biggest wealth but it’s better that nothing.

In any case – you need money because money is the best antidepressant. Money makes you happy and less sad.

Money opens up new opportunities, brings you better food and drinks, and gives you better accommodation.

Money won’t make you unhappy.

Please, think about your future – because if you won’t – nobody else will.