They’re worse than they look.

There are bloggers who offer you the dream lifestyle.

Some of them promise the 4 hour work week.

Sure if you have a business, or have money to invest – you’ll never be working. But that’s the next level.

When you start any venture – you start it at the bottom.

Many bloggers want to give you the dream lifestyle. But anyone who is teaching you how to make money. Is actually teaching you to do the same thing as he is doing.

Don’t the teachers teach how to teach? No person can teach you how to make money. Because their results aren’t typical.

If you want a typical online business model. Most websites earn just 10$ per month. 10$ per month is typical.

To get atypical results you must do atypical things.

Getting a job is lame. But we all can’t be bloggers, because, let’s admit it, blogging is very competitive type of business since blogging is a low entry level ‘profession’. Anyone can share his life and be a blogger.

But having a huge money making blog would be wonderful but that’s hard to achieve. It’s easier said than done.

Your blog has to fulfil some niche, but all niches are taken. It’s better to have a nicheless blog. And write about your life because you won’t stand a change competing with top blogs.

Most noob blogs are pretending that they have the dream and they can show you how to get there. Remember that most guys are scammers. They want your money and they don’t care by which means they’ll get it.

Don’t fall for the dream salesman.