The story is always better in your head.

There is only one way to put a story on paper and that is – to write it.

During last year I started a lot of stories – didn’t publish them at all, well in fact I didn’t even finish them.

Because the story is better in my head than I can put it on paper.

And there’s this challenge.

To put a story in a fine way.

But it’s tricky.

I don’t have a formula to put the story in a best way.

But you have to rewrite the story many times and polish it.

When I wrote ‘kas yra garetas’ and ‘trys drambliai’ I didn’t rewrite the stories. I just one shot them.

Sometimes the story writes itself as it should, other times it’s a struggle.

If the story is better in your head, probably it’s time to write a different story?