The Statement.

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Many people don’t understand what I’m trying to do here.

So I’m making my statement.

First thing is to write and get traction, because making a website semi-popular is really hard. Especially with no super marketing and only focusing on organic growth.

Organic growth takes somewhere 2 to 6 years, maybe even more just because not all websites are built/made equal.

The next big thing is to get a big number of visitors when the website is right. I don’t have a big email list. So my articles are mostly unread since I have no recognition. You can call me a noname writer. I’m here to make my name.

People think that you start a website and the next day you make 10x profits. That’s not the case since this is impossible unless you are already known player. Nonames can’t do that.

The second thing is to sell ad space on my blog when my blog hits somewhat 500 unique visitors daily. This is a game of trial and error and you have to try a lot to be interesting. Being interesting is hard – you can’t be interesting to all people. So you have to pick a segment of people which will be interested. Determining your audience is a game changer, but I haven’t determined my audience yet.

Profit? Profit comes when all things are ready and set. I can’t put an adsense ad because adsense doesn’t want me in the game. :-/ Therefore growing my fanbase is a necessity. You can’t make profit on random people. Unless you sell ad space which then sells products to your audience.

This thing is really hard to achieve. Over period of 8 months I haven’t achieved anything. So ok, I’m in the game – what do I must do?

Market my blog? Bought 50k views from and over a year they will be delivered since I made 10 cents daily budget, it’s daily 60-100 unique visitors.

I don’t want to spam my blog on the web, this blog ain’t a spam blog. This blog is a serious ‘business’ blog.

Many people disbelieve in me, that I can achieve greatness online, but I don’t want to give up due to few opinions. Opinions, well, they are just opinions – you can’t build business around opinions.

Now this blog is a hobby blog. But I’m serious about this thing and when the time is right people will envy me because I make money and they, well, they play video games and shit and they don’t blog.

Sure, the competition is stiff. This game is a hard game. It sure is. But the harder the game the greater the sense of reward. Most people would give up. But I don’t want to. I will stick to this game until the end and maybe, just maybe, I’m successful – would you envy me?

It’s not a matter of envy. It’s a matter of principle. Why work and have a chore, when you can do business right out of your bed? If people like John Chow, Neil Patel, Seth Godin and many more are making cash out of this business – it means that everyone can. Who wants it – bad.

I want it bad. Sure I would love to get money sooner. I sure don’t want to wait for success to come after 4 or 6 years. But if it takes that long. I’m going to do it. Because I need to do whatever it takes.

By the way. Computers can turn text into speech and that awesome. Someday I will buy text to speech program and voice all my blog posts. But that’s later in life.

Now first things first. Building a solid blog. A place where we all can rave, cheer and meet up – there is nothing more important than having friends and connections. I care. I want you to be better than me. I want you to learn something from me and my life’s mistakes. You gotta see some opportunities and blogging is a great opportunity. Everyone said blogging was a fad, but that’s not true. If people reap rewards then means we too can do it.

It’s just a matter of persistence, patience, the right kind of stubborness.

Writing sure is a great occupation. And when you do it a lot – you get better at it. After 15 years of writing I will be awesome. Because I will polish my skill. Sure. Writing is a hard to master skill. And it’s great that this niche is very competitive. Because highly competitive niches give a lot of good reward. So you have to compete one way or another. It’s great. It might be hard to see that nobody reads your posts. That nobody cares what you’re up to. But that’s just a part of the game.

If you enjoy the game, you can play it forever and you can get better at it. Sure. I don’t know a lot of things. Sure I could bribe my subscribers with a free eBook. I have those. But I want my tribe to be sincere and raving. Not bribed.

Ok, so the game is hard. What we’re going to do next? We will produce posts, until we get a solid 500 unique visitors. That’s my target. The more visitors I have the better for both of us. First thing. Is you – if you’ll see that my blog is read then you’ll know that I’m not telling shit. There will be social validation, social proof. For me – it means profit. I could do talks, I could travel to America to meet you guys. We can do so much more when I’ll have more money, more respect, more fame, more of the good stuff.

Today I have none of that. But I’m trying. I know this game is hard. But I’m prepared. I will grind my way to success, if nobody wants to make it easier for me. Where are all of you guys, when I need your support the most? Come out. Write me emails, post comments. Tell me what you want to read. Because now I’m thinking on my own. 🙂

Most of the time people will misunderstand you, when you’re doing something different, here in Lithuania most people don’t know what blogging is and what’s it all about. But the world is vast. The world is full of people. Sure all of you won’t be my fans, but some of you might. I’ll invite you to my party when I’m successful.

Sure people can hate, but there are no haters at your concert. If people hate they won’t support you. But I’ve got donations here from my Lithuanian fellows. You are awesome, but living on donations is risky. Better to live on sales. I gotta sell something. Sure you can by my t-shirt to support me, you can buy an eBook. Or you simply can read my blog and enjoy my free content. But please, press that share button. It helps my blog to grow.

The harder the game, the better the player. Easy games are played by weak players. While hard games are played by tough players.

Sure on one side of the spectrum this game is easy. You write, publish, repeat and that’s it. But it becomes harder when you want to squeeze out some dollars. Somebody has to pay. I pay too, for a domain, for hosting. I pay for ads. I sure pay, business blogging isn’t free.

Ok, writing is redefined thinking. While writing a post. I show all of you guys how I think. And some, not all, people say that I’m a smart guy. If I’m smart you might like me. Being smart is awesome, but I’m not as smart as Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos. These guys are fucking smart. Equalling me to them. I could say that I’m a mindless monkey.

You see, when you’re smart – you make a lot of profit. Because you offer great value. Value, this is what all people are after. And if value is free, you also get respect and respect is a great reward to have.

If you’re a writer – think deeper and write that shit down. Because your blog is better than your CV, sucks that Lithuanians don’t value blogs, but anyway I’m prepared to travel all around the world as long as you need me.

Here, that’s my statement.

I’m done.