The state does not care about you!

Don’t believe me?

If a lot of people die from lung cancer due to smoking – why tobacco is sold? Tobacco is a drug and I’m addicted to this drug.

Nobody really cares if I die from lung cancer.

Why people drive drunk?

That’s because stores sell alcohol.

You can’t put a law on a alcoholic.

The state does not care about you and me.

For the state we are just a statistical number. One head, two heads, three heads. More people pop out than die.

The state does not care if we are alive or dead, the state gives zero fucks on how we survive. It’s our problem how we survive.

The state gives no guarantees.

Imagine, people here in Lithuania get only 300€ pension after working 30-50 years. That’s ridiculous.

Fuck the state, be an anarchist.