The problem with delayed gratification.

You see, you need money everyday.

You can’t say that you’ll earn money 20 years later. Because this is nonsense. How will you survive those 20 years?

Sure you can delay gratification to a certain degree but you can’t delay getting cash.

Everybody thinks that delaying gratification means earning money someday, in the near future. But that’s nonsense.

How you’ll buy smokes? How ya’ll buy drinks?

We have needs and there are needs which we can’t delay. Food is top priority. Let’s assume you’re homeless. You just can’t say I’ll get a shelter later.

Good things happen instantly. You don’t need 20 years to get what you want. If you’re doing something great – you’ll get money the same day.

But being in sales – sucks. Sure it’s sell or be sold. But why do we have to delay our gratification? If you’ll delay gratification – the gratification might not even happen. When you’ll be gratified? During the next life?

We need to make a system which rewards us faster. Because delaying sucks.

This especially sucks for writers – write books and maybe someday you’ll be famous. I don’t know but it’s crap.

We need instant rewards. Because we need to live today.

I wrote books – got nothing out of them and that’s lame.

Why people like to read but don’t want to buy? If you don’t want to buy – then don’t read.

But you like to read. That’s why I write a blog – so that you could read for free. But the problem is that if I’ll give everything away for free – I will never be rich. And you guys exhaust me and exploit me. I know some people love my work. But why don’t you want to support me? If I would get the support I could do my work better. Don’t pretend that you don’t like my work.

I’m a human being. I need to eat too. I need the same things as you do. But I’m a giver – I just give and give and get nothing in return. Ya could say that I’m delaying my gratification. Maybe someday I’ll earn out of my blog – but I doubt it. Because ya don’t want to pay – you just want to consume. And that’s a big problem for me.

Anyway. Delaying gratification sucks.

Delaying gratification is nonsense.

I want everything instantly.