The more…

I get to know people – the more I love dogs.

As story tells, dogs are true friends. I’m so glad I have Bena.

We spent a lot of time outside, she didn’t shat at home yet.

She does her heavy business outside.

She’s really an adorable puppy.

Today she almost ran away from me. When I get my disability paycheck I’ll buy a leash. I really don’t want to lose this puppy.

This dog is my first dog ever. I never had my own dog.

Back in the day I was growing a cat, but my cat died almost two years ago.

For almost two years I didn’t have any animals.

This puppy gives me sense of meaning, she needs me and sense of meaning is important. I’m so happy with her.

She’s gonna grow as big as a cat.

Today I enjoyed being with her outside.

Her shit is so small :-D. She shits on the pavement and I kick that little shit onto the grass. Man I’m so happy with her.

The puppy doesn’t let me get bored. She like pisses everywhere and me is the one who has do all the cleaning.

She sure has a lot of piss. I can’t get a rest, she just pisses and pisses. Sometimes I think she pisses more than I do.

But she’ll grow up and will do her business outside.

Love you Bena!

Thanks for reading my blog.