The lack of.

Go to any store and you’ll see that the place is abudantant.

Despite that many people don’t have the money to buy all those resources.

Why is that?

Why money is so hard to earn, when it’s so easy to spend.

There sure is an conspiracy going on.

All people want money, therefore money is important.

If money wasn’t important – why then all people try to earn it?

Today, like never before, it’s easy to create a product.

All you have to do is have a client. When you look at people – everyone is a client to one or another company.

The place is abundant of clients, but they’re never your clients.

Since the place is abundant, there are so much lame products.

These days everyone has a product or service to offer. We all want more money. Money is always changing hands. People are buying like never before. But why they don’t buy your stuff?

That’s a great question to ask.

You see. People buy what they want. And most likely you don’t have what people want. You need to adapt to the market – you can’t adapt the market.

Therefore most people are experiencing the lack of money. Everybody wants more money.