The dog woke up me early.

Today I found 4 shits indoors. Man she can’t really hold it in.

Yesterday we had a party two of my friends came over we drank tomato juice, beer, brandy and bitter.

Then after my friends went home – I took a nap.

Then later that day I woke up at 19.30 PM and went outside with a dog.

Yesterday I wasn’t drunk a lot, just a bit.

Man found another shit. She sure shits a lot.

Hope she’s gonna grow out of it and grow up.

It would be great to live in a personal house with a yard, then she could do her shits all day long. But since I’m living in a flat. I got to take her outside manually.

I didn’t vomit after yesterday. I actually feel good. Yesterday I took 5mg of lorazepam. That shit disconnected me out, if it wasn’t for this dog – I would sleep until 12 hours.

Woke after the ‘trip’, started colliding indo furniture, just like being drunk. Lorazepam sure kicks good.

Yesterday my friend told me that I’m disabled and can’t work but I told him that I look for clients to write articles for or to do translations and told him that I don’t have clients.

Getting clients is really hard. People have to pick you.

Now I’m going to meet you outside at 13 o’clock, gonna take out the dog.

Almost forgot to mention, one of my friends which I got to know in a mental house is coming to meet me today. His sister lives next to my house, the number of the house is the same. Just a different house.