The dog got drunk.

Today we were with my friend and my brother, here in the neighborhood. I took the dog and she was playing and accidentally spilled bottle of beer.

Then she started drinking the beer. Man it wasn’t a lot of beer, but as she’s a young puppy she got drunk, started getting angry and started to bark, started to piss everywhere.

Anyway we had a wonderful time, we were outside for couple of hours.

Today I slept till 12 o’clock and then there was rain, so I didn’t go out with my dog in the morning.

Today I kinda got rested from writing and my break was okay. Now I’m ready to write more articles. Tomorrow I’m going to do my Xeplion 150mg injection. Gonna visit my psychiatrist. I wonder will he ask me why I’m not working and even not considering to work. He sometimes asks me what I’m doing in my free time, I always tell him that I write. And he always asks what’s the topic and I say I write a diary.

Yes, my blog is a diary – sort of.

Two months till my birthday. On August 24th. I’m an old fart, the next year will be 31. Wonder what 31 year will bring me.

This year was kinda lame, was two times in the mental house, had a psychosis, because the fucking doctor didn’t prescribe me Cisordinol.

Now I have my Cisordinol and I’m kinda fine. Don’t have those bad days when my head feels like vacuum.

I realized that I’m an dumb asshole. I just don’t get all that blogging point, but whatever. I live.