Some of the search engine keywords are so stupid.

Probably common sense isn’t that common.

With Keywords Everywhere plugin I find so many keywords which simply are stupid. Sure everybody uses the web and maybe those keywords are written by kids – who knows.

Keywords can make you feel stupid when writing an article.

There is nothing worse than writing an article on a stupid topic.

Yesterday I wrote about unconditional love, that made me feel pretty stupid. As if people don’t know what unconditional love is. I guess people don’t know if they ask Google such stupidity.

You know, people ask a lot of questions in Google search engine, but where all those questions were asked before? I kinda strange because earlier in type there was no Google, no Books, no nothing.

Writing itself is kinda a new thing. Back in the day there were no writers.

Anyway, when I write articles – sometimes I feel so stupid that people don’t know such obvious things. I kinda didn’t decide on my audience.

Writers should have a clear target audience. Because when you’re writing articles untargeted – your blog becomes nicheless. And being nicheless isn’t the way to go.

PS. The dog isn’t happy about the leash, today I had to pull her a bit. I don’t like pulling her. But she kinda doesn’t want to explore the world. She isn’t curious. Most of the time she’s scared. Today one dog came by to sniff her and she was afraid. Cowardly dog. What can I say? Maybe she’s scared because she’s young – I don’t know.