Shaved my almost 3 months old beard.

The beard would be 3 months on Jun 7th.

I don’t know what it is but I kinda get pissed when my beard reaches 3 months. Two months is okay but 3 – it pisses me off.

So now I’m thinking that I will grow out my hair out again. I kinda started to get bald so my upper hair is kinda lame. Personally I think that my beard is lame also. But ya gotta grow what you have. God have me this beard and I got to grow it.

Now I think I will do a yeard – but I doubt it will happen. Whenever I shave my beard I always think that this time it will be a yeard time, but everytime after 2-3 months I shave it all off. I kinda don’t have the patience.

Now I promise – I will grow a yeard. But I rarely keep my promises. Anyway I know that I will grow it for 3 months. I need to grow it 4 times longer.