Reason to stop thinking right now!

If you’re reading my blog – you must be an average Joe, just like me and my dog – we both are average.

All the thinking is done by the matrix. Other people think for us so we don’t have to.

Imagine, people are doing vaccines, drugs, flying rovers to Mars, sending drones to Pluto and Uranus. And doing more random things.

That suggests to me that human thought is so advanced, that we’re both the ones who actually are empty headed. Mindless. Brainless.

If human thought is so advanced, why do we bother thinking at all?

We will never come up with a plan how to mine asteroids. Or make a billion bucks. That said I want you to stop thinking this instant, because you will never think anything new.

There was a time I discovered simulation hypothesis. I did it by myself and found out that people are talking about simulation hypothesis since year 1977. Later Nick Bostrom introduced the simulation hypothesis. Now people aren’t laughing that much.

The problem with us is that our brain is too weak to make such claims. I sure was thinking when I was younger. I kinda noticed that the Earth is round by looking at the shadows of the Earth on the Moon.

But I’m not the first. While I love thinking I never thought of an idea first. That’s why thinking is a lame occupation. Sure you can think. I can prohibit you, but what can you think of?

Tell me in the comments your idea. What are you thinking about? And I’m going to tell ya, that it’s probably nonsense. Congrats on thinking, but I doubt you’ll ever come up with unique idea. Therefore I doubt you can execute that idea.

It’s all about execution, not ideas. Ideas are easy – every man alive can come up with an idea. But executing the idea is the hardest part.

I stopped thinking. Once, during my psychosis episode, I thought so deeply that I ended up realizing it’s to difficult to come up with something tangible.

How the hell people see atoms, and lesser particles? To me – it’s impossible. We all are bound to believe. Some believe in God, Some believe in atoms and quarks. Some believe the Earth is flat – and these people aren’t stupid people. They just don’t know some things. Some believe the Moon is a hologram. That said. You can think of an idea, but that will be ridiculous idea. Nobody understands the world fully. We all have certain image of the world.

But I can tell you that if you read my blog, you are smart. Most people are just dumb people. Do you know how I know that? I just talk with them and they talk pure nonsense. Okay, not all people, not most. Just the one’s I’ve met. These people are ridiculously dumb and that’s a curse for smart people. To see, dumb people.

Maybe this post is misleading. Most people should think, because the nonsense they talk is ridiculous. But if you read my blog, you should stop thinking and start reading more. Because most ideas you think of, or you try to come up with are already known. Reading and learning is faster than thinking on your own.

I have this Lithuanian blog, which is dead. And there are 350~ posts mostly about the matrix. You can check it here.