Pursuing the ideal life.

When you live a life. You want to experience the best of it.

Jordan Peterson told that if you want to lead a decent life and want to change your life you gotta think through some of the things.

One of the things is your ideal life. What would your ideal self do daily? Do that. Would it be a good life to live?

You see, all of us want more out of life. Life can give us so much or it can give us so little.

Everybody wants a beautiful life. I don’t know a person who wants a bad and harsh, difficult life. There are none of these people. All people want an easy life.

Create a plan for your life. How would you like to live life at the end of days? You don’t have to wait until your life ends to lead a ideal life.

The problem is that most people don’t know what they want. Many people are ambitionless and aimless, goalless.

When you have no goal and no ambitions – you then don’t know how to shift your life for the better. Here I’m not saying that you should do anything in life. I don’t care. But life without a goal is just drifting through life.

I know people who would like to be occupied with something but they don’t know what that is.

Me. I want to write articles and stories about life, general topics. This would be an ideal life if I could sell some ads on my blog. That would be ideal – I need to sell two ad blocks for 200€.

I would love to wake up, or to sit in the middle of the night – write stories onto my blog and sell ads. That would be wonderful because I want the location freedom, the time freedom and some other freedom. I forgot what John Chow said. I guess it’s money freedom.

That would be a great life to live. I always wanted to be a blogger. Now I am one. Gotta just earn some cash. And I will be living an ideal life.

Sure – everybody’s different and our wants may be different, but we all want money and we all are experts in some field. Well, not all – there are a lot of sick people who are experts in nothing.

I just wish you one thing. Don’t regret living or wasting your life. Life is precious despite the fact that it’s hard and harsh. Life was harder when the ancestors lived. Now life is much easier – today we can type blog posts and earn money – how awesome is that?

Strive towards something great, and maybe someday you’ll be living a wonderful life. Maybe now it’s not perfect, but most of us want more from life. Each of us has needs and our duty is to satisfy those needs. When our needs aren’t satisfied we’ll most likely will be unhappy with our lives.

Live the way you want. Quit your job if you have to. Seek pleasure, be a perfectionist. Be whom ever you want to be. Today, not sometime later. I know that money is a major obstacle for many people. If only we would have more money all of dreams would come true, therefore we have to think how to earn more money.