Pursuing the dream.

Everybody wants to live the dream.

And it’s a good thing.

Probably everyone wants to live a hassle free life.

Life is a hassle. Life itself has a lot of issues. And life is harsh, dull, boring unless you make it exciting.

But the problem with money is that people themselves choose to pay for projects they like. You can spend an entire life writing and creating books, content and you’ll earn nothing.

That’s the starving artists way. And most writers are starving artists, one of the books I’ve read told that reality is that one book is sold to one person. And that’s true.

We all want to live the dream. But our dreams are different.

Since the beginning of blogs. I knew that I’ll be a blogger, but I waited 10 years before I started a blog. Now I’m paying the price of stalling.

But 10 years ago I was young and dumb. Now 10 years later. I’m an old fart and still dumb.

I just don’t know what it takes to be next Stephen King. It requires a lot. In art – recognition is everything. Without recognition you can create as much as you want. Nobody’s going to care.

People start caring about you when you win. And winning – man that’s tough. I never won in life. And to be honest I’ll doubt that I’ll ever win.

People just don’t care. Nobody cares if my blog has a new post, well some people care. I see them in my stats.

But a writer has fans whom he doesn’t know anything about.

Writing isn’t a personal relationship. Writing is ‘business’. A writer creates a consumable product and the reader consumes the product.

That’s they way we all are living.

We consume and not care about the effort it takes to create a consumable product. It’s good when you have it, but it’s bad when you don’t.

Everybody wants the same thing. Tell me a person, who wouldn’t want the time, the location and the money freedom? Everybody would want that.

I imagine myself traveling, writing this blog, getting some donors to pay. I personally don’t want to sell anything. Because business is a harsh thing. The competition is stiff. Many people don’t know how to run a business – me included.

But as long as I have a dream. I can work towards my goal now and then, everyday, or occasionally. I know than I’m doing progress.

If you never wrote anything, you might think that writing is easy – you just write and give your crap to read. But it’s hard because nobody wants to read. Reading is a task that requires effort.

Many people are ambitionless, if you would give them freedom of choice – many people wouldn’t know what to choose.

And we all have a choice. We can choose what we want to do with life. As Schwarzenegger told many people don’t know what they want.

But when you want, you then can pick a path of your life.

Drifting through life means you don’t make any tangible progress.

And progress is important. You want to progress through life, because life gets tougher and tougher over time. Our childhood is easy, we don’t have to make any decisions, then in our teens, we have ambitions, but our ambitions are killed by the reality. Our dreams are always bigger than reality, but reality kills our dreams.

Reality wants to kills us, because reality is hostile. Most animals see us as food. They want to eat us. You can’t make a business with a shark.

And people, they support the one’s they love. Others, the unloved one’s, have to think how to gain some love. Because without collective love you can’t build anything. We, the people, choose ourselves what kinda world we want to live in. We make the world.

Nature by itself is beautiful, but it’s harsh, it has no mercy.

And then, when you have everything figured out – you then have to grind.

And most people avoid grinding. Nobody wants to grind and to show up, because it takes time and we need money now. If only money was in the now. Sure, in some professions money is in the now, but in writing it may never come.

History tells us that the best writers, were recognized only after their death. That’s what true writing is, because people can’t recognize a genius. Now we’re all connected and people still can’t find genius.

I’m not telling that I’m a genius. No, no way.

Real writers, who write from the heart will be disappointed most of the time, because nobody sees the genius.

You, yourself decide if you’re a genius or not.

But if you have a dream, then keep grinding until you see a result in your pocket. You don’t have to be in sales. You just have to grind, it’s all about the grind. Many people say it’s hard work to get things done and it is, unless you’re fucking lucky. Like some people are. But those who are lucky, fame fades when you can’t keep up with your own work.

That said.

Grind and keep it going.