Progressive work.

My brother is playing Path of Exile, he gets loot, he upgrades the character, he plays hardcore and then he dies and starts over.

When I played Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

I wasted 10 years on a game which went out of trend. There will be newer and newer games. New games are coming out rapidly.

I want to ask you, what will happen to my brother if he continues to play Path of Exile? He makes the effort, he sure gets loot. But all his rewards for hard and enjoyable work are virtual. He sure won’t become pro at PoE.

The thing that will happen to him will be the same thing that happened to me – we both will be wasting time.

Now look at me. I write a daily blog. I create and create stuff in the real world. Therefore my rewards will be real. Guess what will happen with my blog after 10 years? Yeah, at this pace 20 000 people will see my work and with eyes comes opportunities. There will be sales and rewards in real life rather than virtual world.

When you pick an occupation. First thing you want to own it. The second thing – you want your occupation to grant you results in the real world not virtual. It’s fine if you’re a pro gamer, but chances are slim that you are if you read my blog.

When you pick your work – you want to work on your project daily. That’s progressive creative work.

Sure most creators don’t earn money that’s why most give up. And if people give up that means there are less and less competition. People say that blogging was a fad and blogging bubble has collapsed and there are less and less new bloggers. Now everyone micro blogs on medium, twitter, quora, facebook and that’s good. Because the less blogs there are then there’s a bigger chance that people will stumble on your blog.

Blogging might die, but writing won’t since machines don’t have a soul and can’t write. Machines generate text on/with algorithms. One must be an idiot to read something made by machine. Unless it’s formal stuff. Like statistics and shit.

Don’t work in a virtual world because your results will be virtual. You can’t be full with virtual food – ya’ know.

If you live in a real world, you want to ditch everything that’s virtual because virtual reality is a fad. It sure is great to play one session of GTA5. I have nothing against games, but I rather stay with something that can generate real income.

Yes, blogging can be a hobby and it can be a business. You decide how serious you are with it.

Progressive creative work requires commitment since you’re going to do it everyday when you’re free.

Chances of succeeding sure a slim, but remember it’s a multimillion dollar industry. If it has money then you need to be there.

My brother won’t make any real progress during his life. He had a hobby to create music. I told him – create a song each day and upload it to youtube and do it until he’s famous. But instead he plays PoE and enjoys virtual results, when he’s bored with PoE, he turns on Counter-Strike 1.6. He sure isn’t a pro at it.

You see, when you live a life in capitalism, you need some marketable skills. Writing is one of them. Writing is easy, but mastering it can take years. So that’s a real challenge.

While gaming PoE and CS1.6 isn’t a marketable skill unless you’re a pro. But being a pro at gaming is harder than being a pro at writing.

With writing you need recognition, when you’re recognized – imagine how much money you’ll have. More than Stephen King.

Sure I don’t want you to start writing because you would be a competitor to me. But there’s so much writers out there. The competition doesn’t even matter. Sure I’m not the best writer since I earn just couple of bucks per month. I can’t even give away for free million of copies and imagine there are people who sell millions of copies. Now that’s awesome.

Before you start making money, you got to build your audience. You can be writing the best shit but if you have no audience – nobody is going to read your stuff.

Nobody’s going to publish your work because publishers want sales. If you have a youtube, like I do, and nobody watches it and nobody reads your blog then nobody’s going to publish your work unless Brian Tracy will give you a testimonial.

When you approach a publisher, you want to approach them with your own audience.

Publishing is business and book printing is not. Amazon can print you a book for just few bucks, but will there be any buyers?

When you start your occupation. Ask yourself is the niche profitable. Is there any money in your occupation. If there is, then sooner or later you will make a breakthrough.

Persistence and patience is the key. You also have to be dedicated. If you’re destined for success – good things will happen to you, if not – do whatever you want – nothing great will happen to you ever.