Persistence and patience.

Whenever you start something you’ll notice that reality resists the change. Somehow reality does the opposite of what you want.

When I was writing my Lithuanian blog. I noticed that traffic didn’t come. I wrote a letter to Seth Godin asking why do people don’t read my blog and traffic is so low, despite the fact that I write interesting stories.

Seth wrote me back: sometimes the audience doesn’t come, maybe you need to change your audience or maybe you need to persist, or maybe both. I don’t have all the answers.

This was a good answer.

You see when you’re a writer – you need recognition. Unrecognized writers are starving artists.

It took Bukowski somewhat 20 years to get famous. Bukowski’s Pulp is a great book. I’ve read it and wrote my detective while I was inspired by that book.

The reality is always pushing us back. The reality is always resisting the change. Because humans have the tendency to be settled. Humans get comfortable to their life and rarely want any change. Change – requires you to go out of the comfort zone.

When you go out of the comfort zone – you gotta be persistent and have a lot of patience.

I don’t know why, but reality keeps on resisting. Who needs a new writer? Nobody. All best books are probably already written.

Being a writer is easy, being a recognized writer is hard. It takes lots of patience and persistence.