People aren’t that stupid.

Dear diary,

It seems to be me that the world is going crazy.

Why the hell people watch fart videos?

There’s so much disgust in the world that it makes me sick.

Sometimes I think that people are kinda stupid, I met really stupid people during my life and most of them think they are smart.

That’s kinda strange.

People are interested in porn, in pedophilia, in necrophilia, in zoophilia – there’s so many scumbags in this world.

Where the hell are all normal people?

It’s kinda strange that the world is full of people and you don’t have any friends. Maybe all normal people are extroverted?

I don’t want to be arrogant but I am.

Nobody really cares about the simple man. Women are for sale. You can buy them, if not with money, then with chocolates and flowers.

I’m going to live alone. Destined to be alone.

I don’t like this world it’s better to drop my own expectations. When I was little – I expected more from the world, the world is giving so little.

Somewhere along the road I lost my joy.

Why is that?

It seems that I’m missing out on huge things.

I’m alone, lurking on the web and watching this world of disgust.

Probably, there are more sick people than normal ones.

I regret that the web is invented. All people who were without the web – did not see this disgusting world. It’s better – when you don’t see.

You just can’t pretend that you don’t care – these people aren’t my fellows. I’m alone, destined to be alone.

This is a long lonely road where I don’t matter at all.

I’m not important and not special.

Why I used to think that way?

When’s the road going to end.

I’m bored and disappointed.