One disadvantage when you’re an open person.

Being open is great, you then become vulnerable. Only strong people can be open. Now everybody is closed and not telling anything.

The age is of scammers and other untrustworthy people.

Being vulnerable and transparent makes you stronger.

But when you’re open, you’re telling the world your secrets and the world might not like it.

People who listen to you often are going to insult you for being open. And that’s a disadvantage.

All open people are creative people. I never seen a closed minded person who is creative. Being open opens up the horizon of new ideas and new possibilities.

When you’re creating your art – people are going to judge it. I put an advertisement to make an audio out of my book. It took people 5 minutes to judge my book. But I didn’t care, there’s a lot of dumb people out there and you can’t underestimate the stupidity of the masses.

When you’re creating art – don’t dumb down your content, create content for the minority – the selected ones.

People are going to insult you and tell you that you’re a piece of shit. That’s how people are.

There really isn’t enough of friendly people. Imagine, there are hordes of people and your friends are the few selected ones.