Obedience and interests.

Every civilization wants obedient citizens.

The species has only one interest – to survive.

When it comes to people its everybody for himself.

There is no system, which provided us with resources. Each of us has to think on our own.

The society doesn’t require you to do anything. People choose to do something instead of sitting on the couch and waiting till death arrives.

On the other hand obedience is nonsense. Because whom we are obeying? The rich? The Globalists? Who? Yeah – you guessed it right – we are obeying the authority.

But free people will always question the authority, maybe the authority isn’t right on one or another aspect.

When you see cigarettes and alcohol and other crap in the shop – you know that the authority doesn’t care about the individuals.

The authority wants people dumb enough to work, to vote and to pay taxes. There is no such thing as freedom. If you believe that you’re free – go outside without money – what’cha going to do there?

Interest here isn’t money – it’s survival but how can you survive without money when resources cost money.

Sure there are good people who give the homeless man couple of bucks. But why is he homeless? The society can’t control us all.

If you want a clean society – you gotta control the drug intake. But authority doesn’t want smart people. Nobody needs a generation of thinkers. Authority wants a generation of workers.

When you work – you don’t have the time to think. Thinking isn’t believing. Believing is a simple, pleasurable process. While thinking is a slow process. It would take lots of years to think everything through.

Authority does not care about simple men. Authority wants an obedient citizen who will do his duties but then again – who decides what each of us has to do? The authority?

Authority took our resources and split the planet into invisible barriers. When smart people take away the resources – then you’ll have to work. Just because you need to eat if you want to live.

Nobody wants to live in the stone age, in the woods. Everybody’s looking for comfort and for more money.

Your wallet size isn’t my business. But ask yourself is it worth to spend your time in exchange for cash. Most people believe that everybody has to work.

People envy the guy who quit his job to travel the world. People envy the brave ones but then again, why aren’t they themselves brave to disobey the rules?

Of course if everybody was disobedient the place would be in chaos. There must be a system which deducts stress. If you had to live by yourself you would be stressed 24/7.

Any sort of disobedience is punished. While you obey you don’t get punished. But the problem is that punishment happens post fact. Punishment does not prevent the fact.

There aren’t any systems that predict the crime. Criminals aren’t dumb people. There is another world within this world and it’s better to obey and not see that dark side of the planet.

Everybody’s for himself and the weak ones are the ones who are exploited. You can’t exploit somebody who is stronger.

When a riot happens, the authority, the police, takes out the guns to protect the authority. Authority is self picked. Nobody picks the authority – they pick themselves.

I don’t want to be a liar, but how can dumb people decide who is in charge. All politics is a theatre. Because as you know most people aren’t that smart people. The majority is commune of not so smart people. Me included. I don’t want to say that I’m smart.

So how not smart people can elect somebody? The government is the reflection of the people. Whenever new people arrive at the politics everybody becomes full of hate because they elected the wrong guy. But all I can say. That politics is a theatre.

It’s the same shit from a different ass. Nobody really knows who the authority is. Authority has 90% of money and they print their own money and they don’t care. This world is run by royal families. They decide who’s going to be the president and where the nation and the world will go.