Nothing works and nobody cares.

I tried many ideas during my life and none of them worked when it comes to profit. I realized that nothing works and nobody cares.

Nobody cares if you’re successful or not.

In this place everyone is for himself.

So I decided, if nothing works. I’ll make it work, then I started this blog since I love writing.

I tried playing guitar, music composition, rapping, piano, cycling, gym, video games, vlogging, blogging – nothing worked. And that’s a shame.

If nothing works, try to pick one thing that you’ll do till the end of days.

Nobody cares about you because everyone is busy making ends meet.

Everyone is working for that little buck.

And working with peoples attention is really hard. Sometimes it appears that you can go viral. I was viral, but people instantly forgot about me. What a shame.

That said. I realized that there must be something wrong with me and the way I do things. But whatever. I’ll try to do my best to make this blog count. I’m prepared to write it for long years to come.

I wonder. If blogging doesn’t work – what could work for me?

You see, people can’t teach you how to make money – everything is so subjective that money making schemes don’t work for everyone. That said, don’t look for scheme. Try to show up everyday on your website for couple of years. And then look what happens.

If nothings works why then bother trying?

We have reached a crisis, where people don’t know what to do due to conflicting information on the web and in real life.

For me – nothing has worked, because people don’t really care. Period.