Never apply theories to real world.

Have you ever heard the saying:

What goes around comes around.


Give and you shall receive.

The problem is that theories rarely work in the real world. Since justice is scarce, the whole world is extremely hard and extremely unfair. You just can’t apply theories to the real world.

Some people say we build our lives, but I guess life just happens to you. You can’t go against the current because you’ll get tired and eventually drown.

Swimming against the current requires so much energy and when you swim against the current you barely make progress.

That’s why people say you can’t change the world, you should better adapt to the world. Changing the world requires enormous amounts of energy. So it’s better to adapt to the world.

People who adapt to the world, to the market – they live very good. And people who can’t adapt to the world and the market – well, they live in a shithole.

There are two types of people:

  1. Those who live good, and,
  2. Those who live bad.

Those who live good will always say that you’re the one who is in charge of your life. My godfather always told me, that you’re the one who will be rich if you’ll choose to be rich. Many years went by, until I understood that riches will come to me if only I’ll do something right. But what is the right thing?

On the other hand, people who live bad will say – that life just happens to them. That life is out of control.

Sure you can’t control all things, but you should try.

It’s not about theories or control. To have money – you need to do an exchange, but if you don’t have anything to exchange – this means you won’t have money. Selling time is for posers.

You can listen to all theories of life, like the 80/20 rule, like x10 rule. You can follow all rules – but you’ll get what god’s going to give you. Sure we don’t know who made the matrix, maybe the aliens, maybe the architect, maybe the god, maybe the deity.

People have created theories many years ago. And people claim that there are certain laws to this universe. Like Bob Proctor says – change your paradigm, then he talks about law of attraction.

People wanted to understand the world for years, that’s why they created theories and laws as if the world, the universe, the Earth follows any non scientific rules.

Law of attraction is bullshit. You can’t attract anything from outside. Unless you make an action. You want – do and maybe get. But if you only want and wait till you get something from these scumbags – you will be waiting many years.

The fact is that people don’t want to give you anything, you’d be lucky if you get a donation. People do business, so it’s better to be in business.

There are no theories which govern the Earth.

Give and you shall receive – is a bullshit story, because when you give people will exploit you until the last breath – nobody wants to give you anything. Unless you pay a margin.

Even businessmen who give money to charities, they give that money because when business donate to charity, they pay less taxes. If there was no tax deduction – no businessman would pay to a charity.

What goes around comes around. It’s another story but as same as the first one. Everything we do – we do it with release of energy. If you give something or do something, then you should get something in return because the planet is round.

But the problem is that we are receiving and sending energy everyday. Imagine two people live 60 years, one is poor and other is a millionaire – why is that? How come one person can emit more energy than the other. Money is just paper with value.

Money would mean nothing if there was no interest in it. But since money has a lot of interest – then it works. People are interested in money since money can give you things and experiences.

Don’t live by theories because theories don’t work in the real world. If you want theories about life – don’t listen to optimists. Listen to pessimists or realists.

In general optimists are deluded people as well as pessimists.

Some people say that the world is neutral – nor bad, nor good. But you have to be crazy to not see that the world is hostile and harsh.

People for many years wanted to discover the theory which will explain it all – the theory of everything aka TOE.

Since we are living in a subjective reality despite the fact that this world is objective. We can only make a theory of our own subjective reality. Since we can’t see objective world. Just because we have few external senses, thus meaning that we can see the world through our senses and the extensions of senses. Like microscopy, telescope, goggles or any other extension of the sense. Thus we can only explain the subjective reality because we never were outside of our skulls.

Many people would agree that the world is unfair. And if the world is unfair – there are no theories two man can apply. Sure there are psychical, chemical, biological laws. But non scientific theories don’t apply to real life.