My philosophy of life.

Now I’m 30 years old. My philosophy of life is simple: slack.

You see the system is rigged. Not all people are equal. Everybody has to work. There’s no time to slack.

But since I’m a slacker. I’m going to tell you my philosophy.

Life is pretty damn simple – you eat food and afterwards you make a shit. There are so many people in the world – that you don’t have to do anything. Everything is going to be given to you and made for you. You can slack as much as you want.

Sure having a hobby is great but hobbies don’t earn you money. Having interests is better because interests don’t suck your money – like George Carlin said.

The biggest hassle in life is money. You gotta earn money. Every niche imaginable is taken. The competition is stiff.

Personally me. I never worked in my life. Since I want to be a writer – I gotta write. You know – everyone follows the rich and the great. I’m nor rich, nor great. I’m just a simple guy from Lithuania and yes, I’m very lazy.

I follow the don’t do philosophy. Don’t work. Don’t obey. Nobody’s going to tell me what to do. Maybe it’s not the best lifestyle out there. But I noticed that I always seek the easiest way. Laying in bed is great, writing blog posts is great – two great things make a life great.

Why bother doing the hard things? When life is temporary and your goals are worthless? Life is dull and meaningless.

That said. I want to tell you. That life has no rules. Life is extremely unfair and hard. Well, not hard – life is pretty simple. Maybe not easy but simple.

Maslow wrote all the human needs. You satisfy the needs and you live good, but satisfying the need is really hard. Because everyone is competing for the same thing – for money, for fame, for women, for work, for education. Everyone is competing.

And you know. When you’re a low life like me you can notice that the very bottom is heavily competitive.

Few days ago I threw away some bottles and this lady was angry because I’m throwing them away and she wanted to sell those bottles. You see, people get angry when you throw out 10 cents.

Here in Lithuania. 1/3 of country is poor. I’m poor too. Making money is difficult – so I don’t make any money. I just live on a disability paycheck. Every month, 12th day I get my 221€ and that’s it. Sales suck, working sucks and money is for posers.

Sure money can buy you a lot of things, but wasting life in order to earn money is simply not worth it. Who likes to work? Why can’t we just sit under the tree and eat apples and bananas (bananas don’t grow here in Lithuania but you get the point). Nobody likes to work. 95% of people say that working sucks. Even Jacque Fresco said that working sucks. Who wants to make those fucking shoes.

Ahh, yeah, there is one rule in life: what works for one man – won’t work for another. This is a pretty solid rule.

Most people are losers. There’s just so little talented people. I’m not talented – what can I say? Life is bullshit, there is no meaning to this life and everything is temporary but I don’t want to kill myself. I tried – I failed. I’m a loser can’t be successful with suicide.

Now I just wait for my death to come. I want to actually look how lame my life will be. Many people envy me for not working, but do you know how boring it is to not work. Every man needs an occupation. Because there isn’t much to do. You can play video games, you can walk the dog – nothing matters. Sure pinching myself hurts but whatever.

You can write the best philosophical theory – nobody will be interested in it. People don’t read and if they do read – they read the newspaper which is garbage. Who cares?

Nobody. Period.

Jacque Fresco told that changing your surroundings is extremely difficult and it is. I know this because I tried to change my life – nothing changed. So I’m kinda stuck.

Fuck it. I’m done.