Moved my furniture to its original place.

My friend told me that the new layout of the furniture sucks.

So I moved the furniture back to its original place.

Probably my painting is adored by many people. I didn’t paint it myself though.

Today we were 4 times outside with Bena.

I decided that I’ll take her outside 3 times per day. At 5-6 AM, then at 12-13 PM and then later at 19-20 PM.

She’s really an adorable puppy. Now she’s squealing for some reason. She isn’t used to her name ‘Bena‘ yet. I call her but she rarely comes.

Anyway, today was a wonderful day. Slept most of it.

Bena wakes me up at 5-6 AM. Then I take her outside and then I go for a nap. She did piss indoors couple of times today, but she never made a shit inside and that’s great.

She instinctively knows that she has to do her business outside, if I would take her outside 10 times, she wouldn’t piss indoors. But I don’t want her to get used to go 10 times outside – because it’s too much.