Most people are normal people.

When lurking on the web it may seem that most people are insane, when in fact most people are simply normal.

Rich people are generous.

It sucks that in Lithuania most people can’t buy a car. The country is so poor. Can you imagine minimum wage 400€?

This is not much.

In a poor country chances of getting rich are really slim. Sure I know people who went from rags to riches but it rarely happens.

Many businessmen who work in Lithuania, work so that ends would meet. Many years they don’t have any profit.

I remember one of my friends worked in real estate, he sold houses and shit, so he told me that he makes money so that he could work another month. He sure wasn’t rich.

People here in Lithuania, lack experience in capitalism. Capitalism in Lithuania is just 30~ years. Lithuania is a young capitalistic country. It’s known that this country is corrupt.

People complain that they select dumb government. Politics change and things don’t change. Everyone is stealing. People are egoists, people here in Lithuania want everything for free.

I know, in every country there are people who want everything for free. Sure people would pay, but they don’t have any money.

It’s a poor country but still most people are as you would expect. Normal.

People are struggling hard to meet ends. Making money in Lithuania is extremely hard. Especially if you want to be a blogger. So it’s better to blog in English language. America has more opportunities than Lithuania, most good things come from America. But as far as I know Lithuanians don’t like America, because they consider Americans fat and dumb country. But that’s not true. Everywhere people do whatever they can to survive.

It’s not fair to call Americans fat and lazy country. America is the wealthiest country of them all. Well, I think so.

That said, people are normal. America sure has more opportunities, but you have to be American to use those opportunities.

I wish I was born in New York, personally me – I never was in America, so I can’t write about America and American people. People everywhere around the globe want to succeed. But success is rare.

As Brian Tracy told, people are lazy and as Grant Cardone told people don’t do anything due to conflicting information.

Personally me, I’m not a businessman, I’m just a lame blogger who earns nothing out of his blog. I’m just getting the typical results.

Personally – making money is the hardest thing ever, it used to be easier when I was younger. Then I had some business sales. Fast forward to now – nobody needs me, nobody likes my art, but I don’t want to give up, you know.

Maybe there are people who need and like and trust me – I don’t know.

So I decided to make this blog a donation-based blog. If people will love me, they will buy me a coke. I don’t ask much.

Personally I don’t believe that casual blogging is a solid business.

Every business can thrive, but it depends on who’s doing the business.

If Stephen King can make millions with his books, it doesn’t mean we can. He’s exceptional and we are not special, nor exceptional.

Have to admit that…

See ya.