More posts don’t equal more traffic.

When you start blogging, you might be tempting to create a lot of articles just like I do.

At first I had this belief, that the more articles my blog has the more traffic I will get, but that’s just a myth.

So to debunk this myth I can tell you that my blog has 700 articles and the traffic is just 60-70 visitors per day. I never reached organic traffic. Most of my traffic is direct traffic. I did something with my computer that lead my traffic to increase x7. First I got just 10-20 views.

You know – companies like Google want to get money for views. Nobody cares how many articles you have – if you don’t pay you won’t get the views.

So what to do in this situation – should you continue to produce content?

Personally I think you should publish one post a day. I publish more because I have a lot of time and I like to write.

But most posts online don’t get any reads. That’s the reality – nobody cares about our blogs, nobody cares if our blogs have new posts or they don’t.

Sure having a lot of posts increases your chance to get more views, but that’s just a slight increase in traffic.

I say. Show up on your blog daily for 4 years and if after 4 years your blog isn’t profitable – there won’t be any profit and you can ditch your blog.

Four years is kinda essential. At first Google needs to figure out if your blog is interesting to other people. I don’t know how the algorithm works. But if you’re a great marketer – you can have a profitable blog. It’s all in marketing, not writing.

If you’re like me, writing a lot of posts. I can say that you’re just wasting your time. This is what I do. I waste my time with this blog.

But since this blog is a nonprofit blog. So you know. It’s good to waste time.

Don’t write more than one post a day. It’s not worth it unless you have the time to write.