Loving what you do, probably won’t bring you money.

I love what I do, what can be better than an old casual blog?

I been doing this for almost 9 months and so far it was an amazing trip.

Sure I didn’t earn any money, but the experience of sharing your vulnerabilities was amazing.

I love what I do – I sure do.

I always wanted to connect with people. I’ve tried so many times.

But in fact it’s hard to connect with people, because people are busy to make ends meet. Everyone is busy. There’s just a little fraction of people who don’t work. Most people do work.

Loving what you do can be a curse, because you’ll spend so much time pursuing fun that you’ll forget about money. Money is important, if money wasn’t important nobody would work.

Buying a pack of smokes, some beer or coke – it all costs money.

You need money to buy better and tastier food, to get better clothes, to drive a better car, even to have your own blog – you need money.

Without money you’ll invalid to the community you are living in.

When I was working I earned 2000 litas, and when I was with money I didn’t see any problems in capitalism. I started seeing problems in capitalism when I started to not get orders and not get any money. That’s when the real problem of capitalism occurred.

Having money extends your possibilities. You don’t feel disabled when you have money.

All problems start because there isn’t any money in your pocket. That’s when you see that capitalism is a harsh system. It’s your problem if you don’t have any money – nobody will help you.

And if you were fucked all your life – you sure will grow up a pessimist. And nobody likes a pessimist, but pessimists see the truth.

Nobody wants to talk about the hardness of this world. Everyone is seeking pleasure. Nobody wants to think about the world. I asked some people – do you think? They all told no. I just go to work and serve, I get my paycheck and buy what I need and then go to work again – that’s what everyone is doing, well most people.

Nobody thinks about the world because thinking is a hard task.

Personally me, I love what I do – but I doubt I will ever see money out of this occupation. Sure I earn couple of euros here and there, but that’s not enough you know. People prefer giving me donations rather than buying my products – I want to be honest with you – my products are shit. It’s better for both of us – to have a small community, a blog, where we all can connect.

Write a comment, I’ll respond to you.

You see. loving what you do might not create value for other people and believe me – creating value is fucking hard. It’s not enough to write your own diary in your own corner.

Everything revolves around money. Because money can buy you shinny things. But earning money, getting donations – it’s fucking hard, because people donate when they want, not when you need/want.

I know having a donation-based blog will be a harsh task, but whatever. If Lithuanians drop me some coin, so will Americans drop some. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

It’s really hard to change the world. It requires enormous amount of energy. So it’s better to adapt to the world.

Follow your passion is a horrible advice, because not all passions pay. Sure if we would be living in a free world, where everyone can do what they want and still be able to survive – I would be happy, but now. When my ends don’t meet and I fully depend on my mother and my disability paycheck – it’s hard.

I know guys it’s hard for you too. I don’t want to be a guy who always whines. But why the hell money making is so hard? I watched countless videos on money making and still I don’t make any money. I read a lot of books and still nothing changed. All I know that I have to own what I do. I don’t want to sell my time. I don’t want to work for anyone. Why can’t this blog be successful?

Sure it can, but I don’t want to make money my primary objective of this blog. I want to make this blog a hub for like-minded people.

I know there are countless people who are poor. I know there are a lot who have the money.

Personally when I have some change I give to homeless or ill people. But how much I can give if I don’t accumulate any money myself.

Business should be self sustained and bring money regularly.

If I would be you I wouldn’t listen to me for financial advice. Listen to people who already have a good life. My life, well my life is easy. I wake up write a post, walk the dog, smoke a cigarillo, drink some beer occasionally. My life is easy, but it’s hard mentally. I know most of my depression would vanish if I could accumulate money, but today I can’t.

What I earn online is a funny joke.

It’s kinda strange that spending money is so easy and earning it is so hard. I guess it depends on value and goods you are producing.

I choose writing as my occupation just because I can produce texts for free. If people would love what I write, I would earn. I guess I haven’t found my people yet.

Making money was easier back in the day, now everything went to shit. I just can’t believe I’m sick with paranoid schizophrenia. Well most of the time I don’t feel the disease, but my motivation is low. I’m kinda lazy to get out of the house.

I remember I worked with my friend, he told me that I’m a good worker, but despite working with friends. I never found a real job where I would be met with open hands and open hearts. So I never worked in my life.

I wanted to be a writer, but when I tried it I realized it’s fucking hard.

I sure could write better, but it is what it is.

To be honest, I write what I can. I could go write freelance, but man. When I saw what kind garbage freelance writers write. I then didn’t want to do it.

I want to write what I want and get some bucks.

Anyway, I hope this makes some sense.