Loving life as it is.

I want to break it to you – you might never achieve your goals.

I know, you might have some ambition, but at first people don’t believe in you. Nobody cares, people laugh, ignore and then you win, only if you stand the test of time.

Many people have dreams, many people would wish life was different. I know I wish because I have expectations and when you have expectations – you’ll be disappointed.

It’s better to stop expecting great gifts of life. Sure, people can give you money, but they’ll give only if they like you.

Most people are no name people. It’s rare to be popular, it’s even rarer to be famous, rich.

I know you want it, because I want it.

Money would make life hassle free.

But since we don’t have money. We then wish that something happened. And most of the time it’s a miracle, if it happens.

But for most people it doesn’t happen. Life is hard work.

So what do you do when nothing works?

I don’t know. You just have to love life and its small joys.

Life could give us a lot. There are rich people, there are connections. There’s everything. But what if life give you Jack’s ass? You sure don’t want to stick your dick in there.

I don’t have all the answers.

But average life is underrated. It really is – underrated.

Most people are mediocre and average. Mediocrity is common. We can’t all be successful. Because success is a tough game.

That said.

We can only choose to love our life or to be angry about it.

Depression is common these days. Most people are depressed, because they can’t fulfill their dreams. Everyone wants to live happily.

I don’t know a person who wants to live a miserable life.

Me, personally, I’m a miserable person. I just don’t know how to do things. I only know how to write – poorly.

There’s a legend, that scientists searched for the happiest man alive and they found one man in India, who was the happiest man. He was without money, without shiny clothes, barely had food, but he was happy because he was alive.

These stories enrich our lives and the moral of this story is to love our lives as they are.

We want more, always, because we are western people. Western people say do more, consume more, hard work, but maybe we just need to chill and relax (chillax).

Sure work is a honorable thing, but only laziness will make you happy.

Be lazy, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you have this life, why won’t you enjoy it?

Do you enjoy your life?

I sure do, sometimes, it’s hard to enjoy life all the days. But I’m trying. Trying as hard as I can.

Changing one’s life requires a lot of energy. I don’t know how the world works, maybe I’m somewhat delusional.

But nobody knows what reality is. Like Morpheus, from the Matrix, said life is just chemical signals interpreted by your brain.

But why can’t life be different?

I know that you’ll die with regret if you won’t try to change your life. And I know that you’ll die with disappointment if you have expectations.

So it’s better to drop your expectations and just go for your dream.

The worst thing that will happen – you’ll fail. But you’ll fail if you don’t try.

So. Just do it and try your best.

Love life as it is, because there is no other life you may have.