Love what you do.

You gotta love what you do otherwise it will be a chore.

You don’t want your work to be a chore. Something you must do.

Sure everyone of us needs to earn money, but why not seek ways that are pleasant for our soul?

I started blogging because I knew that I will be a blogger. I knew it since I knew blogging exists – I hesitated to start my own blog for 10 years. Imagine my blog would be now 10 years old.

At first I wanted to do it like everybody else. SEO, Marketing, Niche – whatever man, all niches are occupied and crowded.

Now, whenever you do a google search you end up in someone’s blog. Rarely it’s a news page.

Blogging is a multi million dollar industry. You sure want to be where it’s crowded.

With blogging you experience real life competition. And yes, it’s worldwide.

Each of us bloggers is competing for your dollar. You know we need your money.

It’s easy to blog. You just put up words on a blank screen – that’s it.

But funny thing starts when you want to make money from blogging. Then you have to be competitive.

I picked blogging as my main occupation so that I could work from home. Sure my blog isn’t what the majority expects but it’s still something.

Since I love writing, I need to create content for you guys. I know I’ll get better. Now the main problem with my blog is that people can’t find it. Some can but not everybody.

Who’s interested in my daily life and my dog’s shit? Nobody, hah, you guessed it right.

To earn money from blogging, or any other online or creative occupation – you gotta up the game and become more competitive.

People are competing for your dollars. Me too – you see, all my blog is monetized. Now I need traffic. A lot of it. That way I will make money.

Every blog should have multiple streams of income.

Start monetizing your blog from day one.

You want your blog to be your business. On one part it’s business on the other part it’s a hobby. But it can’t be both, a hobby and a business.

If you love writing start a blog, but don’t expect a lot of profit unless you’re a marketing genius and you know how to do content marketing.

You see. I love what I do. It doesn’t matter how much I earn. Now I earn just by selling eBooks on Kindle. I love writing and I know I can earn from writing. I sold books and I sell them, but now I want to earn from this blog.

Blogging is a business, but it can be a hobby. 🙂

Love what you do and you won’t have to work a day in your life. Choose an occupation that you can fall in love with, otherwise your work will be a chore. You want your work to uplift you and not drain and exhaust you.

Love what you do and maybe what you do can love you back by bringing you money. 😇😇😇😈😈😈😎😎😎😍😍😍