Leap of faith.

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Sometimes you might be stuck in life. I’m currently doing this leap of faith.

I can admit that I don’t know what will be at the end of the ‘jump’.

Man I sure don’t want to regret doing this ‘jump’, but I learned the hard way that everyone is for them self.

I had this job, I was ‘rich’ I got 2000 litas + 500 litas for my disability. So in total it’s 2500 litas. I kinda liked capitalism at that point.

But now, when I don’t have any cash. Capitalism kinda sucks. It’s all about money. Money is the game. And you know. I read many teachers who want us to be rich, but most of them are full of crap.

Nobody’s going to teach you how to earn money.

You just have to have a strong marketable skill. But what do you do if you don’t have any normal skills? How do you make money then? How do you get money when nobody wants to employ you? How do you sell, if nobody wants to buy?

Back in the day I was reinstalling windows for profit. It worked, but now, this ‘business’ is dead. I wasn’t very good with computers. I just didn’t do electronics and programming. You can call me a computer troubleshooter. I kinda loved doing that and was hoping I could do that forever and puff, the market changed. Now everything I know is simply useless. And that’s odd.

If you can’t adapt to the market. What do you do then?

Changing the world requires a lot of energy. If Jacque Fresco didn’t change the world, if Gandhi didn’t change the world – I personally doubt you’ll change the world. Unless you have a lot of energy. One man hasn’t that much energy. You have to buy man power to change, or influence the world.

Anyway. So what do you do then – when nothing goes? If my mom died, I would be a bum. Well maybe not a bum, but I would be extremely poor. I’m doing this leap of faith with blogging. Trying to make things count, but it’s damn hard. Only few people enjoy my stories.

I talked with one of the designers here at Lithuania, and he told me that he never had a pitfall, downfall. So I guess life is pretty unfair – gotta accept that, what works for one man, won’t work for another and that’s a rule I made up. You can’t follow footsteps and expect the same results. One must wander and make a road.

So, okay. Making the leap of faith. If I knew I would succeed it wouldn’t be a leap of faith. But I have a strong hunch that I’ll succeed it’s just a matter of time. And ye, I don’t want to sell my time, I want to invest time into this blog and well see what happens after 20 years, maybe I will be rich by then.

I can say that life is one big problem consisting of small problems. Everywhere you look you see problems if you aren’t an deluded optimist. Optimists don’t see problems, that’s why pessimists change all the shit. Pessimists change the world. Optimists settle and think the world is great and awesome and has no problems. Fuck deluded optimists. Be a realist pessimist.

Leap of faith simply means you do something that you don’t know the end result. Just like Ezio Auditore, from Assassin Creed, does a leap of faith jumping from a high tower into a haystack.

The jump can be fast or it can be slow it depends on the circumstances. With blogging it’s a long boring jump and you don’t know how your blog will come out. But I guess if you jump right, the jump will be solid. 🙂

When doing a leap of faith – believe that you ain’t going to miss the haystack.