It’s not what’s written, it’s who writes it.

You can write the best text on the planet. But if you have no recognition – nobody’s going to read it. Because without recognition – you have no audience.

Seth Godin writes couple of lines, and he gets more than thousand likes.

It’s not the text that matters, it’s the audience who resonates with you.

And getting your audience, getting that recognition is extremely hard. I’ve tried – nothing happened.

People choose themselves what they’re going to read.

If you plan on gaining recognition as a writer, the first thing to make is to make people talk about you and make your ideas spread.

If nobody talks about you and your ideas don’t spread – most likely you won’t be recognized. Nobody wants to read a noname who hasn’t achieved anything in his life. Period.

In order to be recognized people have to resonate with your text. Your text has to inform, uplift, educate and entertain. If you’ll miss one of they key elements. You’ll be a writer just like me.

There are people who write 20 years daily and still have no recognition.

Recognition is a tricky thing to achieve.

Without recognition you can write as much as you want – nothing will change and that’s a sad life for a writer.

Writers do so much writing texts and yet nobody’s waiting for those texts. Nobody cares about the starving artist. And that’s a shame.