I remember the old days.

Do you remember the game ‘Mario‘?

It sure is an straightforward game. Now look at today’s games. In today’s games you have to actually learn to play. Today’s games are big, 50GB, games which are in fact nothing special, these games are so complex.

Game creators: – Why the complexity?

Today I wanted to register at iWriter website, a content mill, but as I started registering I realized that registration forms got more difficult, they asked me to write 400 words about myself and why I want to join iWriter. I tried writing but then I quit. I have no patience to fill those forms.

I realized I have no patience at all.

The further I live – the more difficult everything gets. I want instant gratification 😥😥😥😢😢😢

I want things to be easy. Delayed gratification is bullshit.