I live the dream.

Sure I need money – who doesn’t?

Everyday I lurk on my laptop, checking what’s new in the matrix.

I sure don’t want to work. Because working sucks – everybody knows that.

My blog doesn’t earn me any money and that sucks. That’s just typical blogging.

I don’t know what to write to have some atypical results.

Today I stepped onto my dog’s shit. That’s nasty.

Sure, it’s living the dream.

Anyway. I figured I’ll do donations on this blog. I want my blog to be ad free.

I have to admit, that lately I feel burnt out and exhausted from writing.

I just no longer know what to talk about. I feel that I’ve talked through everything. Sure writing is great, I don’t want to quit.

But nobody reads blogs anymore unless you’re a pro blogger.

That’s typical blogging for you.

Today I realized that women have no value. Paying for pussy is too expensive. It’s ridiculous what men have to do to get some pussy.

It’s ridiculous.

Now I write through my exhaustion. And it’s not nice.

I’m done guys, have to take a serious break. I no longer know what to talk about.