How to write in first person?

Writing sure is fun. How about you write your first story in first person?

First person stories, most of the time are a narrative.

How do you create a story in first person?

It’s easy, take upon a ridiculous angle and impersonate a character.

There are many ways to write this story, but first person writing is often considered very personal since all the world is through your characters lense.

The better character you can impersonate the better your book.

My two eBooks are written by Tomas Pavilijonas, an alcoholic detective. He is interesting in many ways since his style is straightforward. With no environment, he writes his story.

Sure I plan another book, but a bit later – when I’ll earn from this blog. Maybe never.

Impersonate people, and your character can open a new perspective.

As long as you have imagination, you can write very good in first person.

Personally for me straightforward style is the best style. I very much love Tomas Pavilijonas. He’s an awesome detective and he tells great stories. Most of the time stories are unreal with hallucinations.

People who read and listened to Tomas’s eBooks liked them very much.

I don’t want to disappoint my fans, but I need more money to voice my books. Long books cost 150€ to voice, and shorter ones cost 50€ to voice.

I kinda struggle with cash. So now I won’t write new eBooks. Since nobody reads them, people like to listen to audiobooks. Audiobooks are the new books.

Audiobooks outsell eBooks and simple books. 🙂

Write your story in first person, impersonate!