How to unleash your creative genius?

The world is abundant and there is abundance of everything from art to drugs and from porn to rapists.

When you want to be creative you need to think about this world as if it was a canvas.

A white canvas where you can draw whatever you want.

Creative work means adding a touch of yourself to the canvas.

Since the world is abundant it only lacks your art. There’s plenty of artists. There’s plenty of art.

Unleashing your creative genius means looking at the world from a different perspective, from a perspective of an artist.

The only thing this world lacks is your art. There isn’t your art out there yet and you can change that.

What would you create if you could? Create that because you can.

Artists from all around the world create art, they add a personal touch to the world. Even this post has to be written by me and that just proves that this place is a big canvas.

Sure you don’t need to be a writer like I am, you can create different art.

But ask yourself – what’s your perspective off the world?

Do you need any permission to create art? No, you don’t, people even don’t have to like your art.

A creator adds a touch to this canvas. Meaning that everything the creator touches – becomes beautiful.

For example, take a bad place and make it into a good place.

Not all people are creative, many people are simply disabled people, but if you’re normal – you can unleash your creative genius.

Think about the world and spot something which is lacking – create that.

You can create whatever you want – from drawings to writings and from music to heavily engineered equipment. It’s your choice – nobody can choose for you…

What will you create next?