How to pick yourself a goal?

In fact there are many goals one can achieve.

But picking a goal is easier than achieving one.

So how do you pick a goal?

Pick an easy thing first. Because many of the global goals can make you overwhelmed. You sure don’t want to be overwhelmed by goal complexity and hardness.

Pick a thing that’s easy for you. For me writing is easy, so I picked writing. If you don’t have a goal now – don’t worry, because goals arise during life. There are short term goals and there are long term goals.

Until I discovered writing I tried many things. Music composition, driving, gym, guitar, cycling, piano, programming, vlogging – nothing stuck to me like writing.

We are different people and we have different goals.

Goals love commitment. When you discipline yourself and commit to a goal. Achieving a monetary goal takes a lot of time. I hope you have time. Even playing an instrument like a guitar is hard. I suck at guitar.

There’s nothing bad with dropping a goal and picking another one. It’s pretty normal. Not everybody can get ripped like Schwarzenegger. Not everybody can draw, not everybody can sing. That’s normal.

Pick a goal that’s easy for you. If you know a lot of words – be a poet, be a writer – that’s what I do.

Pick a thing that’s easy for you and hard for others.

Even when you pick an easy goal, mastering it becomes really hard.

Don’t be afraid to master something. 🙂 It can be programming.

The choice is yours because there are so many achievable things, but not everybody can achieve them.