How to make some money online?

I’ve been online for 10 years, somewhat, and only after 10 years I realized to start a blog.

Since I’m nonprofit writer. I can tell you the secret how to make money while you sleep. It’s just one word.


You gotta work with systems which work for you. But don’t get me wrong. Creating a system that generates money is really hard.

First thing you want to make videos and have your own website.

Then you offer value to other people, sell products, get donations – whatever works for you.

If you know how to draw, create daily drawing videos.

Personally I made some money online and I realized I want more. I choose donation-based ‘business’. I’m like a charity which works for you guys. I hope you can support me.


I don’t want to get all into details how to start a blog, how to monetize it.

I just want to talk about systems.

Systems like Youtube videos, blogs and other websites work 24/7. People come to visit those videos and blogs and you convert the traffic.

There are thousand ways to convert the traffic. You just have to pick the one which works for you best. Personally for me donations work.

I make money out of donations.

It’s not a lot, but it’s some.

Why sell something, when you have nothing to sell? Why bother trying to create ideal products? When you can take someone else’s product and sell it.

Personally me, I’m not into business.

I hope this text makes any sense.

With systems you can earn money while you sleep. Meaning that you have develop a system which generates you income, but it’s hard.

My every post is an invitation to donate or subscribe to the list. Personally I don’t sell anything. My blog is my product.

But when you have a system all you need is traffic. So you better become a marketer. Because without marketing none of the system will work.

Creating a good blog isn’t that hard. It requires patience and persistence. And of course you must love to write.

By the way, webcam vlogs don’t work on Youtube. Nobody watches those.