How to kill a ghost?

The world is more natural than super natural and ghost are something that are paranormal and super natural.

Personally me – I haven’t seen a ghost during my life. But I saw hallucinations. Hallucinations aren’t ghosts.

You kill ghosts by killing your belief.

You see, you see and think that something exists while you believe. There really aren’t any ghosts – it’s just a matter of your belief.

Ghosts are fairy tales like zombies, angels, devils and demons.

There is no such thing as ghosts. I guarantee it to you, therefore there is no reason to be scared.

Ghosts are bullshit stories.

People who believe in ghosts are kinda dumb people. You got to accept that since the place is natural rather than super natural.

You kill a ghost by killing your belief in ghosts.

I want to ask you – have you ever seen a real ghost? Probably not because there is no such thing.

If ghosts were real the news would write all about ghosts. Since ghosts are super natural – nobody writes about ghosts.

Kill that ghost – you dumb person 😀