How to find in demand article topics.

You know – there’s nothing worse than writing a blog nobody reads.

So if you want your blog to be read, you have to write about topics people are actually searching.

There is this plugin for Chrome, named Keywords Everywhere.

This plugin lists all the search volumes and competition and CPC – cost per click.

So if you’re writing a blog. You want to write about topics that have some CPC value. If you’ll write about topics that don’t have CPC value, that would mean that your topics don’t have monetary value.

You want to write about topics that have CPC value and more than 200 search volume. If you see that there is no competition, that means that people aren’t paying money for that keywords. So you want some competition.

Blogging is a competitive business. We’re doing content marketing here.

If most of your content will be written for search engines and people you sure will rank on some keywords.

Keyword is a phrase people enter into the search engine.

Because if you’ll be writing without keywords – you’ll rarely will rank for any keyword.

To rank for a keyword. Mention your keyword in your url, headline and in the first sentence of a paragraph. Done you’re SEO ready.

Make sure you add a photo, because photos make a deeper connection.

As they say – you can’t explain a photo with thousand words.